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The magical story of Sarah, Thaha and Thoufeek unfolds in the port town of Mattancherry - a thriving harbour in the Indian city of Cochin, Kerala. During the pre-independence era, many Jews lived, traded and found their fortunes in this town that opens out to the Arabian Sea. Post-independence, most of the Jewish community left for their homeland - Israel, with only a few exceptions who stayed back in Kerala, such as Sarah Cohen. Sarah, Jew Town’s oldest member, was a high-spirited, jovial 96-year-old who was looked after by Thaha Ibrahim. Their relationship was unusual - Thaha, who reached Mattancherry as a street spice vendor during his adolescence, found a mentor and caretaker in the late Mr. Jacob Cohen - Sarah's husband. When Mr. Cohen breathed his last, Thaha remained with Sarah, and looked after her like her own son. Thoufeek Zakriya, youngest of the lot, was their common friend. Employed as a chef, Thoufeek retains a passion for painting and sculptures. He is also an expert in Hebrew Calligraphy. Although Thoufeek lives and works abroad in the Middle East, he maintained an extremely affectionate and warm relationship with Sarah Cohen and Sarah constantly looked forward to his visits. Theirs is an inspiring and endearing tale of friendship and communal harmony from India that the world can learn from.

Directors Note

The film is all about...

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